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  1. Interested in basic survival skills for me and my 13 yr old son. What skill/area do you suggest to start? Fire /shelter? Any suggestions would be great.

    Also, do you think ALONE would have been easier or harder Without the cameras. It looked therapeutic for some but also a pain

    Thanks and thanks for your service.

    1. Hi Todd, My apologies that I have not responded faster! I have not mastered the blog art as of yet and did not know I even had a message! I am in Africa at the moment but should be in the states in a couple weeks. I believe the basic skills should be shelter/protection from the environment, rescue and medical techniques, water collection/filtration, and finally food sources. From there the sky is the limit! There is no shortage of survival training courses around the country, let meek now what state you are in and I will find you a reputable source for training that will be great for the both of you! As for your question about “Alone”, I don’t believe it would have mattered. It was a pain but it did give us a sense of purpose above just staying alive. We had a job to do, and once the job of survival overcame the job of being a tv person, the decision to leave was pretty easy. Thank you for checking in, I am working here in Africa on some new material!!

  2. Brant,

    This school with this gentlemen is close by me.

    Midwest Native Skills Institute, Inc. (MNSI) was conceived by Tom Laskowski

    Thanks again and safe travels.

    Todd Zima

  3. Hello Brant! Just got done watching the first Season of Alone, and I’m watching the second. I was directed here from a different site, where a lot of “Critics” mention so called non approved items being seen. Could You talk about the stuff You found that washed up? I’m sure a lot of that is what They are seeing. Thanks.

    1. Hi there! Sorry it took so long to respond. Been working on a new contract and have not been on here much. I can not speak for season 2 but I can tell you that tons of crap does wash up. As for my site? Nada. A log and a piece of rusted steel cable that weighed 100 pounds. Useless! Some guys found abandoned camp sites full of junk, others just had junk wash up. You will have to ask season 2 participants and see what they say!!
      best to you
      thanks for watching!!

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